About Me

I have always loved houses.

Since childhood I would visit a house, any house, and refurbish it in my mind; changing a room colour here, knocking down a wall there. And, I’ve always loved looking at property, remembering the best locations and the local ‘feel’ of the area. I would always ask myself if I would live there.

I’ve not changed.

Although now I visit even more homes, go inside, explore and meet the owners.

Looking back, prior to establishing myself as a marketing consultant in my 20’s and 30’s, I worked with two others who helped find properties (often very large country estates and prime London addresses) for a Middle Eastern Royal Family. We then managed the purchases too plus finding staff, carrying out changes, even managing sales. So back in the 80’s I was already doing my perfect job. I just didn’t realise it.

My career in marketing taught me to really listen to what clients wanted. I then learnt how to best deliver their wishes, ultimately aiming to provide more than was expected, efficiently and with a smile. Property Finding is really no different. However, it is a much more personal service that is necessary; often needing large doses of tact and diplomacy too.

Just over 15 years ago my husband, Mark, and I moved from a London Thameside apartment to a Grade II listed watermill and my life changed again. I was finally living in a house that as a child I would have dreamed about.

Whilst partially renovating the mill and its grounds, we also took on buy-to-lets. But first I ‘adapted’ them to my wishes (often completely gutting them before putting them back together).

Larger houses and character properties are a lifestyle choice that should be made backed up with the right information and advice. Living in a listed property where a mill race runs through the hall has taught me about structure, flooding issues (and what can be done about them), how to keep the integrity of building intact and please listed planning officers, as well as the simple enjoyment that comes from living amidst such history.

I am therefore able to pass on the lessons learnt in my own life to our private clients.

So what happens when a client asks for a new build? My passion for properties means that I understand the stream-lined, high tech, eco-sound properties available. I really do get their appeal, clean lines and level of comfortable living!

If a client wants security, light and sound at the touch of a button, antiques or on-trend interior designed rooms; no problem. My love of house architecture also comes in useful with new builds as you can often see the influence of history in new properties. Sometimes a good mix, sometimes not (which could one day influence re-sale).

I love the variety this job brings. Every client and every property is different. And so therefore, is the challenge.