'Open House'

I’m noticing that many agents are using the ‘Open House’ tactic to achieve group viewings and quick sales in areas with properties up to around £600/800k.  Groups of people arrive to view a property together or in 15/30 minute stages.  Personally don’t like this as it creates a ‘hot house’ environment and adds pressure to an already stressful decision-making process in the market of today when you are competing with other buyers for your next home.

If an Open House is marked against a property you might like, see if you can get an earlier viewing and a viewing when you are not ‘up against’ other possible buyers.

Then, you will really view the house and not be worried about what the other viewers are thinking.

Suggest:  Make yourselves ‘good to go’ buyers.  Be under offer or in rented.  Have a current mortgage offer in principle, if you need a mortgage.  Even better, be a cash buyer.  If you have a property under offer, it’s also best that your purchasers also have a short chain behind them.

Please also note:  Open Houses don’t always find a purchaser.  Offers can be made and then withdrawn after reflection – especially if bidders find that there are no other bids on the table.